Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4T65E Transmission slipping and or soft shifts

If your 4T65E transmission slips when shifting or is exibiting soft or lo-o-o-ong shifts, It may not be too late. The first step is to carefully examine the fluid. You are looking to see if it still looks relatively clean and does not have a burnt smell. The next step is to drop the lower pan and make sure there is no excessive debris on the magnet or in the pan. If everything looks good, you may be in luck. There are two options here. GM had a problem with the EPC (Electroinic Pressure Control) solenoid. It had a tendency to gunk up and cause low pressure that in turn caused soft or sloppy shifts. The other problem was in the accumulator area. The springs to control accumulator travel where weak and also caused sloppy shifting. You can choose one or both repairs to try and save your ailing transmission. The first involves removing the side cover and replacing the solenoids with approved and updated ones. The second involves the installation of a Transgo Shift Kit You will only replace the accumulator springs and not  internal parts since you are not rebuilding at this time. Hopefully this repair while a little time consuming will solve your problem saving you thousands on a rebuild.

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